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The personal transportation industry has experienced a drastic change within the last five years with the introduction of mobile taxi applications. Companies like Uber and Lyft have made a huge structural change worldwide to this very old industry. Uber and Lyft have made it possible for users to get a taxi using their smart phones from any location. For example, Uber, has the most advanced taxi dispatch system in the world that works very well with iOS and Android platforms. Besides from the traditional taxi system, these transportation companies offer a taxi service with premium rates which are specially catered to accommodate more people simultaneously. Meanwhile, other cab companies add a touch of luxury to their services in order to satisfy their clients. It is amazing that, Uber does not own any cars nor it employs any driver directly because it is a taxi booking system that takes a commission for facilitating the transportation process. On average, the company usually takes a 20% commission and sometimes even more depending on the ride cost. And it will depend on the service the passenger requests and the destination distance.

One of the main advantages of having an app for your cab company is that, you will not have to share a commission with a partner company such as Uber. Besides, with your own rates your company will increase your profits and productivity at the same time.  Furthermore, a taxi app is a technology that provides solutions in real time from the comfort of a mobile device for people's transportation needs. It not only enables passengers to request a cab but also to track its location on a map through their smart phone anytime and anywhere. And so therefore, having a taxi software is essential to compete in today’s transportation industry. The good news is that, you do not have to master computers in order to use and to take advantage of any type of mobile technology. And, all you need is an iOS or Android device and an internet connection to offer a taxi booking service.

Many cab businesses can be more profitable just by implementing this mobile technology for their company. Moreover, as opposed to the traditional taxi booking service, in a short term your company is able to increase profits and offer convenience for your customers. A taxi service can start small with a few cars and drivers and it can be expanded gradually as they begin to profit. If your cab company has been in existence for sometimes, you can start your company’s improvement by adding a mobile taxi booking application for your business. With the help of our dedicated and experienced team of professionals, you will have an advanced, customized and highly efficient Uber clone app that will instantly transform the relationship between your company and your customers. There are many taxi dispatch systems that allow companies to affiliate and share bookings with other taxi companies but it is not the same as having your own. Not to mention that with an advanced dispatch system, you can have access from any location into your application. One of the many advantages that you will have by hiring our company is that, our professional team of developers will build a mobile taxi dispatch system with customized features designed to fit all of your needs and expectations. At the same time, our advanced mobile taxi dispatch system is developed with a GPS tracking software, which will give you the advantage to enter with full speed this marketplace. This system, also introduces a new cutting edge technology into your business that will give you many benefits such as reports, invoicing, an administrative area etc.

In conclusion, our commitment is to continue developing unique and personalized applications that will position you always a step ahead of the competition. Get in contact with us by e-mail or telephone, and you will get a competitive package of all of the essential taxi booking services. It will give your business a professional and effective presence that costumers will trust.