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Frequently, we receive many emails and phone calls asking us how much it cost to build an app. Most people think that it is very expensive to build an app and plus they have no idea where to start. The good news is, that is not as expensive as you may have thought since it all depends on certain factors such as who builds the app and the type of characteristics an app for android and iOS may require. To build amazing iOS or Android app ideas may cost you from $150,000 to $500,000 and even more. On the other hand one of the main advantages that your company will have with us in regards on your app development is that we calculate price very different from other companies. For example, you provide us with the exact app functionalities or characteristics and then we consult it with our great app developer’s team for an accurate final cost.

Nowadays, more and more people have smart phones and tablets and so companies have the need to create a mobile platform so that their customers can easily do business with them. Therefore companies can stay more competitive and be able to build or expand their brand or service in order to be more profitable.

Some people may try to create an app on their own by searching for online tutorials so that it can cost them less money. The reality is that building a professional mobile app takes a lot of time and effort depending on what type of app it is that you would like to develop. Therefore if you are planning to build a great app, you will need a reliable team of professionals such as ours which will offer you an excellent service, pricing and amazing results.

Once our company confirms all of the app requirements, which are focused on the app’s functionalities, features, complexity and platform, we are able to develop your project idea. For instance, if you need an app for android that has to be managed for getting insights; our app developers team have to develop a back-end with a security encryption technology on the cloud. In order to change the user’s details we will need to use a desktop computer and web browser and by using our server the app content can be updated and upgraded in real time. These features and complexities of the interface may increase the price of your app because apps with a significant back-end generally are a little bit more expensive than a stand alone app.

In conclusion by choosing us to build your app ideas, you can be rest assured that we will delivered you a scalable app and to make changes as necessary. As on the contrary where you build an app which may have cost you less but that it has no capacities for it to be expanded. We are here to bring your app idea into a reality and help your company to be more productive and competitive in a world where technology rules. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by telephone and we will gladly help you.